Frequently Asked Questions

Does this really work? Yes, and we have references that will tell you how well.  However, not all schools will benefit.  Our Discount Specialists can help your district or school determine if our program is right for you.

Is this legal? Yes. The FCC has approved this mechanism to determine discounts.  School Survey Solutions provides a comprehensive report and supporting letter for the E-Rate Program Integrity Assurance and Selective Review Process.

When does this have to be done? he discount must be calculated on the current student population.  the discount must be calculated on the current student population.  The results of the survey are used on the E-Rate Form 471.  This means that the discount must be calculated after school starts, but before the E-rate Form 471 is filed.

Can a school do this without School Survey Solutions? Yes, but we have found that they often don’t or make a technical error which invalidates the discount calculation.

Is School Survey Solutions an E-Rate consultant? No, but we do have E-Rate experience and can refer you to one of many experienced E-Rate Consultants.

Is School Survey Solutions an E-Rate Vendor? No.  Because we don’t sell a service eligible under the E-Rate program, we don’t have an E-Rate Service Provider Identification Number.

Can School Survey Solutions calculate discounts for On-Line Schools? Absolutely!  On-Lne schools are one of the most under funded E-Rate groups.

If you have a question that you don’t see here, please leave a comment, so we can provide you an answer and post your question here.

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